Ronen Hillel Reputation Management Expert explains the importance of a positive reputation

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Ronen Hillel, Reputation Management Expert, explains the importance of a positive reputation

Google's search engine is the largest and most popular in the world. The data show that every second, more than 40,000 searches are recorded around the globe, 3.5 billion searches are recorded every day, and more than 1.25 trillion searches are performed every year. And maybe at this very moment …. someone is looking for your name ….

In the current period, a lot of decisions and actions are influenced by the search results on Google and about 90% of the buying decisions are made based on the results in the search engines, based on the first results and the direct effect of the reviews on the web.

Reputation management According to Ronen Hillel, a reputation management expert and owner of the Reputation Net website, it is based on managing the digital visibility of each person, brand, business and the like. Reputation management capabilities have a crucial impact on the results obtained, their location, planning and impact on decision-making processes. Digital reputation management is in many ways the key to success and is the one that influences reliability, good name and business performance.

My name is Ronen Hillel and in the last two decades I have researched in depth the various trends and phenomena on the net and developed skills to deal with all types of negative publications on the net ranging from judgments, articles, articles, reviews, reviews and business ratings, posts on social networks, blogs, videos and more.
The deep digging I did, the skills I developed and the vast experience I gained – help me every day and give me the tools to help people and businesses deal with negative feedback, create new opportunities, set up digital assets, push negative information and also hide from the web (almost) anything you want others to read or Will be seen on you.

As part of the online reputation management workflows I help solve many troubling issues on a personal, family, financial and image level. For example, I create new opportunities for freelancers, businesses and brands and at the same time increase the positive awareness of people, brands and their work.

I have summarized here some good reasons for managing digital assets and reputation management processes

Reputation means credibility. In the Ecclesiastes it is said, "Good name, good oil" and there everything is drained. A clean reputation is essential for every person in every day action, between friends or family. Business reputation is important for success, prosperity, sales and profits. If your credibility is compromised – moving away from you, having a hard time succeeding, having a hard time creating a relationship, having a hard time making a living and doing business – probably because your name has been tainted with Google.

מוניטין נט - טיפים לניהול מוניטין ברשת
Online Reputation Management (ORM)

Looking for a job – a new career
In today’s market, where for every good job there are hundreds of jumpers, it is important to understand that companies, business owners and angels are using the net to pump out the most information about each candidate for one job or another. If you have Google reviews, negative reviews, articles or defamation – you will probably be skipped and will have a hard time getting accepted for a job interview. Remember – a bad reputation does not contribute to success and certainly not to finding a job and a livelihood.

Apartment for Rent
Often people with one past or another have difficulty renting an apartment or getting a mortgage. Property owners make sure to check carefully with whom to do business and who to trust and rent a property to. If the search results reveal judgments, bankruptcies, foreclosures, offenses, etc. or bad articles – you will most likely not get the keys. A pity, but there is a solution.

A clean image conveys success
If it is important for you to succeed in life in every action. If your business needs to thrive – it is important to build digital assets that will paint a positive, compelling and credible picture. A well-built digital image conveys an image that your environment will love and increases the chances of success.

רונן הלל תוצאות ניהול מוניטין
Reputation Management (ORM)

Crises and malfunctions
If your life was damaged as a result of a crisis, criminal past or distress that caused you to choose improper moves – then a Google search will find the expression for this. Bad results stand out on the internet and cause the environment to stay away from you. Only careful and wise reputation management may remove the bad and place the good.

Reputation also affects the choice of a spouse and here too the Google search results are very influential, even if it is an ultra-Orthodox, traditional public and basically everyone.
If your date is a person with a criminal record, with negative judgments and articles – these may cut off any relationship or make it impossible. Here, too, professional and discreet reputation management may solve problems and open up new possibilities for love.

Reputation Management in United States of America
Reputation management

Concealment of sensitive information
Everything can be found on the Internet: you will find articles, videos, slander, pike news, real content, interests and basically everything on the Internet. Some people do not really like the content on the web and prefer to remain anonymous. There are many good ones who prefer minimal exposure. Here, too, reputation management may save the day and offer solutions.

New opportunities
If you are before an important business move, if you are about to get a new job and in fact before moves that are very, very important to you – it is necessary to stop for a moment, check the reputation online and consult a reputation management expert. Sometimes it is worth keeping the name on the net even before the problems begin …

In conclusion, if you suffer from negative information on the net, negative articles or unpleasant content – do not be alarmed! It is recommended to breathe and understand that you need help. Understand that it is impossible to hide and that the problems must not be ignored. The required action is to contact Ronen Hillel Reputation Management to improve and repair the damaged reputation and to open a clean page in Google.

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